About Me

Hey guys, my name is Eli and I am a gamer! I know video games is very looked down upon because of the lack of physical exercise and communication it has but there is more to it than those negatives. I completely agree that kids should be very limited to games because they are at a very crucial time in their life where they need to get physical exercise and need to hangout and surround themselves with friends so that when they are older they are outgoing and have good communication skills. I think gaming at a young age is affecting the kids mental abilities, especially the games with gun violence. I have heard of many horrible stories where these kids have been too involved with these games with guns and I am apart of helping those games become harder for kids to get ahold of and making the graphics more PG. As a kid I was at the arcade with games that were meant for kids and I think that kids should go back to arcades and get ride of these Play Stations and Xbox’s because at least at an arcade they are surrounded by other kids and getting to interact! Anyways, hope you keep an open mind when reading my blogs. Thanks for reading!