5 Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life


So you’ve done it all from the foreplay, role-play and any other type of play to increase your sexual desire and satisfaction with your partner. Lucky for you I have found the five best sex games that will have you yearning to be done with work to play these the second you step your foot into the door. Even though these games aren’t necessarily free, they are totally worth the investment.

1. Coupon Book: instead of scrounging for a coupon for a buy 1 get one free massage, just rip out one of these babies and hand it on over. These little books are perfect for some obligatory TLC because you now have it in writing that they owe you an hour long foot rub with the new yummy lotion they had to buy for you.

2. Sex Bell: Okay, this can sound a little creepy and demand, but I guarantee once you put it to the test you’ll be relieved the second that bell makes the tiniest sound. Whether you’re tidying up, doing dishes or putting in your retainer in for a night in, the second you hear it you have to focus on what matters; your pleasure and theirs.

3. X-rated fortune cookies: Just because you don’t order Chinese out every day doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a cookie letting you know all the delightful things that are coming to you. These cookies will tell you the next time, place, and way your partner pleasure you until the next morning. For a cheaper alternative, you and your partner can write as many sexual fantasies and desires and put them into a jar. Choose 1 or 2 a day and you’ll fill up those jars in no time.

4.Sex Checks: We have the bills we would like to rip up and the checks we write that bring us to tears, but you’ll cherish these forever. Your babe forgot to take out the trash when he insisted he would for the seventh time, now he owes you big time, and you know just the way. Write out one of these sex checks, your preference, and pleasure of course, and hand it right over. You’ll start to realize how much more fun writing checks can be, your way.

5. Token of Desire: Find the smallest, tackiest little object in your house and make it the symbol for sex. Now whenever you feel like you want to do the dirty that day, just place it where your partner can see it first thing and now all day you’ll be thinking about sex. Once the token is recognized you have 24 hours to have sex whenever and wherever but it’s a must; regardless of how tired and busy, you are. Your sexual desire will skyrocket the second you place /find that token, giving you time to fantasize all day until you find time to do the dirty deed.

Now the only dilemma you have is keeping up with your sex life once you start playing these games! Looking to play sex games online? ┬áHead over to easysexgames.com the web’s #1 destination for free adult games for any device.


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