Hilarious Mobile Games

When you’re on the verge of dying of boredom and are in a place as desolate as an airport or a general education class that you canít test out of, there are very few things that can keep you from succumbing to such powerful and paralyzing apathy. Thankfully basically everyone has a smartphone, in fact youíre probably reading this on a smart phone right now! And with the invention of the smartphone cam mobile games. I think I speak for everyone when I say that mobile gaming is truly a blessing, especially when weíre stuck in incredibly dull situations with no other means of mental escape.

There are some pretty great games of fantastic quality that are available to smartphone users ñ which is basically the entire population of the US. However, I myself derive the most amusement from the games that are truly fucking bizarre. Why play a high quality game like Pokemon go (who am I kidding? That APP needs some serious work) or Primordia, when you can play an absolutely ridiculous game? Common, letís be honest. We all love really weird shit.

I combed the APP store for some of the most underrated, yet hilariously entertaining games to ever grace an iPhone screen. I found three games that vary in quality of design and effects, but all manage to be champions of the realm of the strange that I so enjoy. Here are the three games I champion:


I stumbled across this game several years ago and never went back. 2048 was a bandwagon that I never bothered to jump on. Why would I want to spend my precious time on a headache inducing puzzle when Plants vs Zombies exists? That was until some kid, who definitely looked like he spent most of his time shit-posting on various dark corners on the internet, introduced me to this gem.

This game is essentially 2048 but intimately better. Wanna know why? Because instead of matching numbersÖ you match Doges. Two doges combine to make another hilarious variation of the doge meme. My personal favorite is the Pizza Doge.
Besides, who doesnít love a good meme?

The Battle Cats

I recently came across this game and immediately fell in love. I mean, how could you not? You battle dogsÖ with cats! Finally, thereís a game for cat lovers that glorifies everything feline. Itís a pretty standard battle game except thereís cats.

The best part is that you can level up and get rare cats. Thatís right, rare breeds of battling cats. I think what I love the most about this game is how different it is from most cat games. Neko Atsume is an extremely passive, cutesy game. But thatís not all there is to cat lovers. No sir. Cat lovers can battle too.

Tofu Hunter

This game absolutely kills me. You literally hunt deer made of tofu. I feel like this is every hyper-masculine, meat eating dudeís dream.
Itís just as violent as your average arcade shooting game, except instead of shooting deer youíre shooting down woodland tofu creatures and soy milk cartons. If you have a morbid sense of humor youíll love this one.

If you want to check out more mobile games, check out this video below!