How to Make Game Night Sexier

Most of us who are single might need a reason to escalate things to a more sexual place, while couples out there might need a reason to spice up their weekly date nights. Here are a couple ways to make a night in with board games sexier (and in some cases boozier) than ever.
There are a thousand versions of Monopoly, so how is there not a sexy one yet? Make your own by replacing the businesses on the board with sex acts! Or better yet, rename them so that theyíre sexual puns. And donít forget to break out the handcuffs if one of you ends up in jail. What will you do every time you pass go?
This game is usually mundane and strategy based. Why not make the stakes higher and sexier? After rolling the dice and taking a country, why not roll some sexy dice and have your opponent perform that act? If you take a country from your opponent, they have to do something of your choosing. Itís up to you what happens after you dominate the world.
There is nothing sexier than getting up close and personal with your partner in ridiculously tedious positions. I mean thatís why the Kama Sutra is so popular right? So ditch the clothes and twist yourselves together like a pretzel. Even more favorable is messy twister. Break out the nontoxic paint and get messy.
Strip poker is the obvious choice. But thereís something inherently sexy about the air of competition and playing cards. You canít go wrong with this classic.
If you donít feel like strategizing, why not play a game of checkers? The game is simple and it doesnít require too much brain power – since your mind will probably be elsewhere. So apply the strip poker mentality to checkers and have a fun night in.
To make things even more interesting, play shot checkers. Use tiny shot glasses as pieces and drink different colored liquor instead of playing with different colored pieces. If your piece gets jumped take a shot. If your opponent kings a piece, take off an article of clothing. This way youíll get a little liquid courage in your system and start stripping down. This is perfect for newer couples to lower their inhibitions.
Chess, for the intellectuals:
Are you and your partner constantly locked in a battle of wits? Take that battle to the chess board. Even add in a drinking element if youíre looking to really knock your partner off their best chess game. Looser has to get naked.
This beloved childhood game only has the opportunity to get more fun as you get older and acquire yourself a significant other or FWB. If youíre game for some lighthearted competition than this is the perfect game for your date night. Take off an article of clothing with each sunken ship and why not incorporate drinking into the game if you need some liquid courage. There is nothing more satisfying than sinking someoneís battleship, where will you sink theirs?


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